Reliable Subgraph Hosting & Blockchain Data.
For Web3 Teams.

Deploy subgraphs with 99.9%+ availability and fetch smart contract data at 3x the speed.

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure.

The fastest real-time indexing solution, coupled with SLAs and 24/7 support.
High availability. Zero-node maintenance.

Zero-hassle subgraph hosting.

100% spec-compliant with every subgraph on The Graph’s hosted and decentralized networks, minus the lag and down time.

  • Plug and play deployment and subgraph migration from hosted services.
  • Deploy subgraphs with the same tooling, UI, and similar CLI as The Graph.
  • Query subgraphs without running any nodes or infrastructure.

Live-streamed, real time, re-org aware, crypto data.

Steady pulse of data, live delivered to your app

  • New blocks indexed within seconds of validation.
  • Native support for re-orgs.
    Live-synced with latest actions on-chain.

Ultra performance, seamless integration, build any subgraph powered app with NO LIMIT ⚡️.

No limit, we mean it. Access your subgraph and blockchain data however, and how-much ever you want. No lag, no downtime. Our infrastructure got your back.

Supported Chains